Oannes' UNEARTHLY 2-pack-2'.


I'm a f****** good programmer, so I created an "universe" in my unearthly laptop. But for the beings, who live in my "universe", I'm not a god – it's because I don't interfere in what's happening over there. In my "universe" the only "god" is

the calculus of probability.


If Earthlings carried out such an experiment:


Place 100 worshipers of each of the gods on a big square, and add 100 atheists. Mix them all, and then release a flock of pigeons. Flying over the square, the pigeons will do what flying pigeons do, of course.


then regardless of the number of prayers made to all these gods by their worshipers for not being shitted by the pigeons, the result of this experiment would be consistent with

the calculus of probability.

[So, if this experiment would be carried out a thousand times, and then the results of each experiment would be aggregated within individual groups, and finally these individual sums would be divided by a thousand, then in each group the number of people whom the pigeons shitted on their heads would be THE SAME.]


And when in my "universe" evolve some emotionally intelligent idiots who will pray for not being shitted by the pigeons, because they will believe that my "universe" is full of gods, devils, angels and saints that interfere in whom the pigeons shit on the head and whom not, then I will die of laughter.


F****** good "programmer" – this one who created the universe in his "laptop" – died of laughter a long time ago.

The thoughts which Oannes transmitted to me telepathically, I – that's Kaziuk von Märchendorf – wrote down with my own words.

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P.S. What the universe really is and how it really works, you – the Earthly reader – will learn from

Oannes' UNEARTHLY tales.

(5-August, 2018)